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“Natures differ and needs with them, therefore the wise men of old did not lay down one measure for all.”
Chuang Tzu 4BC

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What to expect at a consultation

The first appointment will be about 1.5 hours as we will discuss all aspects of your health before doing the initial treatment. We will look at the whole person, take a full history including any other medical conditions, past and present. For example;

Subsequent treatments will last around 50 minutes.

I usually recommend a minimum of 6 treatments for most conditions. Often weekly to begin with and then spacing them apart as the condition improves.

In some circumstances, for example acute conditions or induction of labour, when frequent treatments are necessary then short 25 minute sessions can be arranged.

I use fine Japanese needles which are individually packaged and a gentle technique of insertion. It is always my intention to make each session as relaxed and relaxing as possible.

Sometimes needle free treatment is possible. I have successfully treated needle phobic clients. For children and those with a fear of needles, stroking, gentle pressure and tapping techniques can be used.

For some conditions I also use the herb Artimesia Vulgaris Latiflora, referred to as Moxa in Chinese medicine. It is smouldered near to or sometimes on the skin (it does not burn the skin).

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